Productive Relationships®
For Couples

Are you and your partner struggling with the balance of work and family and in creating the life you want for yourselves, each of your careers, while also having a satisfying, supportive marriage?

This format of this Productive Relationships© is specifically designed to help dual career couples support each other in achieving their commitments.  In this three-day experience couples will focus, learn to communicate better, listen, resolve conflicts, and make requests as they plan their future together.  They will also make agreements regarding how they will continue to communicate and work together as unforeseen challenges arise and they have to make tough decisions together.

The need:  As companies embrace the fact that a gender diverse workforce improves their bottom line, they recruit and hire more and more competent, well educated women.  As those women partner or marry, they and their partner begin to face the challenges of a dual career couple.  Challenges including making career decisions, maintaining their relationship, and meeting their family’s needs day to day and year to year.

Unfortunately, couples are rarely equipped with the skills to make dual career decisions as a supportive partnership.  Conversations about meeting the family’s needs while considering promotion and relocation opportunities often come with feelings of fear, resentment, and feeling overwhelmed.  The discussion can be highly emotionally charged and riddled with resentment from past unresolved conflicts that muddy the waters and making both disclosing emotion and effective listening very difficult.  To make the decision making process even more complicated, couples rarely have a common vision for their marriage and/or their family life.  Communication and decision making is made even more difficult given the two unspoken “competing visions”.

Some couples default to giving priority to one career at the expense of the partner’s career progression and satisfaction.  This decision limits the ability of the partner with the lower-priority career to live a satisfying life and contribute fully to the success of their employer.  Across Corporate America, highly talented women are leaving their careers or limiting their contributions to their employer because they are unable to resolve this conflict and manage both a successful family and rewarding career.

Workshop Results Include:  

1.     Participants will be able to listen to difficult conversations and give accurate feedback of both facts and feelings in highly emotional situations.

2.     Couples will learn a process to make difficult decisions and resolve conflicts together rather than avoiding or escalating the conflict.

3.     Participants will develop an in-depth understanding of where they err on the continuum of being too responsible versus not responsible enough within their relationships.

4.     Participants will develop a vision for their career and couples will develop a common vision for their relationship, family, and how they will support each other in achieving their career visions.

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