Short Seminars

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We can provide short seminars from 90-minute lunch and learns to half-day learning experiences.  Here is a sampling of topics available:

Creating Cultural Change©

Are you having a hard time getting your organization to embrace positive cultural change?

Business growth, hiring and training new employees all while keeping more senior employees motivated is exhausting!  With rapid growth comes the need to sharpen work habits and accountability systems. But often workers resist necessary change. Their emotional reaction causes resistance that decreases individual productivity.  People still get results, but they don't reach their full potential, and the organization won't be as successful as it could be.  This workshop teaches leaders to lead with excellence, especially in times where change is every bit as necessary as it is difficult.


Strategies for Loving Life While Managing Home and Work©

Do you feel like you can’t get it all done and some days fall even further behind?

More than 50% of Americans surveyed stated that they feel overwhelmed some, most, or nearly all of the time.  When it feels like there is more to be done than we can get done, minor setbacks and small frustrations begin to feel bigger than they really are and we are left feeling worn out.  That feeling of being overwhelmed negatively affects both our joy and our productivity.  This workshop will help participants learn proven strategies to get more work done with less wear and tear on themselves and on those with whom they work.  


Managing Challenging Employees with Respect and Results©

Are unresolved conflicts getting in the way of getting the job done?

At times the struggle to get cooperation from Challenging Employees can seem overwhelming.  There is very little preparation or training in life for dealing with life’s most difficult situations and most challenging people with success and skill.  For most leaders it’s worrying about managing Challenging Employees that keep them up at night.  This motivational training session will teach an approach to leading even the most difficult individuals while maintaining your own sanity with the ultimate accomplishment of improving results!