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Productive Relationships©

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Managers are now expected to be employee motivators, too; handling a diverse age range of employees and challenges for which they were never trained.  Managers today are asked to listen to highly emotional employees, resolve a constant barrage of conflicts, motivate a workforce with diverse values and expectations, and create teams out of groups who had only worked as individuals.  Couple that with fewer rewards and punishments being available to most managers.  Relationship is the key way work gets done now.  PRODUCTIVE RELATIONSHIPS© has been teaching people how to do just that for 20 years.  Teaching managers the real skills and practical philosophy that allows them to build the relationships they need to get the job done every day.  The course is highly experiential and taught through the real issues people bring with them to this three-day class.

The overall outcome of the course is participants will be able to create better relationships by virtue of the way they handle the day-to-day problems and interactions so that more work gets done with less stress on both managers and employees.

Managing Corporate Change©

Ask us how to bring us into your organization to teach this workshop. 






From downsizing, to mergers, to changes in work systems and technology, to increased responsibilities on individuals, the old contract for how work is done is being changed.  The question is; will people successfully adjust to these changes, or be overwhelmed by them taking productivity and profits with them?  In the 20 years that we have been offering Managing Corporate Change©, the course has helped individuals and organizations adjust to change in a variety of settings all with impressive results.  Hewlett Packard was faced with a large reorganization; people were resisting all the changes and production goals were not being met.  After the employees and managers attended Managing Corporate Change©, the individuals became so productive that the overall project came in ahead of schedule (when that was considered a total impossibility).  Quoting from a letter from the project manager, “The feedback from our employees who attended the Managing Corporate Change© workshop was the best I have seen in over 20 years of HP management experience in an organization that does a great deal of training.  Comments ranged from ‘…the most singularly useful thing I have ever experienced…’ to …’I have no idea the cost of the program but it’s worth every penny…’”.